India has most diversified power sector in the world. There are several sources used for power generation in India which include conventional sources like coal, gasoline, hydroelectric and non-conventional sources like solar and wind. There is huge demand for Power in India. Indian Government decided to electrify all the villages in India under various schemes which aim to make electricity available to each home and in this process thousands of villages are being electrified on a rapid mode also. This is why there is huge demand for manpower in energy sector. We at Job Mirror constantly work to provide best job consultancy for Power sector.

India has a growing population and there is continuous increase in electrification and per capita usage which is a huge factor for demand growth in power consumption estimated to be 1,894 TWH in 2022. This demand increase is already seeing lot of work in power sector. There is constant revival of power sector both in Government and private sector. This leads to increase in employment in the sector as well. And our objective at Job Mirror is to meet the demand with right talent so that companies and candidate grow at their best.

Power generation and power distribution are two major components of the sector. India is the third largest producer and third largest consumer of electricity in the world. There is a huge focus on solar and wind energy usage for power generation. In fact India is leading entire world towards the use of solar energy. Huge investments are being made in the sector. Because of all this, lot of technical, managerial, leadership and non-leadership skill based people are required in the sector. We work on creating and maintaining a pool of talented, skilled and experienced candidates suited for all positions in all the different domains of energy sector. Our job consultancy for Power sector has been recognized and appreciated by small and big companies and hundreds of candidates.

Power sector is also seeing huge investment from outside and it is forecasted that the sector would attract investments worth over 11 trillion USD between 2017 and 2022 in hydro, thermal, nuclear and renewables segment. The sector has a complex regulatory and business environment in India and that is why it is quite critical for the industry that they hire right people in the leadership positions who are capable of steering them towards profitability and growth.

We, at Job Mirror, have dedicated team which continuously work to get the deeper insights of the sector across various sub verticals and searching for the right match for different job roles in the industry. Our team is always well connected with key professionals who are either starting their career or holding pivotal roles in their career. Our focus is to get the candidates who can bring change and innovation and also will form the next line of talent. Industry giants and candidates both speak well about our job consultancy for Power sector work and we have become their favourite also. We offer them our tailor-made solutions every time.