Who are we? We are Job Mirror and we are a top job consultancy for pharmaceuticals. Recent advances in medicine and science have made this industry a fast growing and 'hot’ field. This has generated an increased demand for a qualified pharmaceutical professional. However, we are not just any job consultancy for pharmaceuticals because 'we do our research’ beforehand. This process helps us better understand the pharmaceuticals industry, the companies in this industry - small and large - and the people who are seeking employment in this industry.

Because pharmaceutical companies research, develop, discover, manufactures, and markets various medicines and other related products, only candidates with a certain job and educational profiles and personalities will excel in this demanding industry. This is the case because the pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated by the Indian Central Standard Drugs Control organization, and is closely watched by the Indian government.

The pharmaceuticals industry is vast, deep, and complex. It encompasses a wide variety of job functions for this reason. They are research and development, clinical trials, production/manufacturing processes, validation, quality assurance, quality control, regulatory affairs, operations, sales and marketing, supply chain, logistics, HR, Accounting and Finance, etc...Of all of these functions, those working in research and development in pharmaceuticals companies have the most complex, demanding, and involved roles because they are involved in the creation of new, potentially life-saving medicines and drugs. They do this by working in laboratories to identify new compounds or molecules that can be the basic and active ingredients in a new generation of powerful medicines. They also research basic compounds and/or molecules that can make current drugs and medicines even more effective.

The clinical trials job function is the next most important and vital function because people working in this job role evaluate the short and long-term effects of different surgeries, medicines, and devices on people. These people evaluate the efficacy of these elements to ensure that they are safe for the general population - the CDSOC and other regulatory agencies will only approve these surgeries, medicines, and devices if they are demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt to be safe for the general population.

As is evident, the pharmaceuticals industry is complex. The job selection criteria are equally complex for this reason. At Job Mirror, we only select those candidates with perfect academic records and backgrounds because of the exact and demanding nature of the pharmaceuticals industry. Additionally, only those candidates with laboratory and business experience are selected because we have found that those candidates tend to excel the best in pharmaceutical companies.

We Job consultancy for pharmaceuticals subject the candidates to an intense interview process where we ask a series of situational and behavioral questions to gauge how the candidate would behave and perform in the position. We use the results to place our candidates with certain companies, and we coach the candidates to excel in job interviews at these companies.

In this way, we are successful and popular because 'we set our candidates up for success!"