Oil & Gas sector is considered the biggest sector in the world in terms of dollar value. The sector employs thousands of manpower worldwide. In India also, this is the most influential sectors that plays pivotal role in making entire economic decisions in the country. India being the third largest energy consuming nation in the world, the demand for it increases every decade and every year so much so that it is expected that by 2035 the demand for demand for primary energy will increase threefold up to over 1500 million tonnes of oil. This automatically leads to increase in demand for manpower for the sector as well.

Oil & gas industry is growing rapidly in India and huge investments are being made by the industry players. Indian Government has also allowed 100% FDI investment in upstream and private sector refining projects. This has given huge impetus to the India’s oil & gas sector creating further demands for manpower. Understanding this fact clearly we offer best job consultancy for oil & gas. We bring together companies and aspiring individuals to together for the best fit.

At Job Mirror, we understand the shifting needs of the industry and thus offer a complete talent solution to address the same. We always meet the demands of our clients and candidates. Oil & gas is a highly specialized industry where there is continuous business growth and so there is huge demand for new as well as experienced candidates. There is also attrition in the sector which is headache for companies. We are experienced to understand past trends and proficient at understanding the changing specific needs of the business clients in oil & gas industry. This makes us first option for job consultancy for oil & gas industry. We offer tailor made solutions to clients and candidates. In a sector which has daily changing landscape, companies try different innovative ways to excel in business and reserve value. We help our clients achieve this goal and beyond.

Yes, there is huge demand for talents in the industry; however there is sometimes skill sets mismatch between what company requires and what candidates brings to the table. Skill sets required in oil & gas industry are highly specialized and difficult to develop and acquire. So, our job is to bring aptly skilled people required for the specific job. Not only new talents but experienced candidates are highly required in various big giants of the industries.

Oil & gas industry is vast. Refining sector, petrochemical sector and other verticals are seeing upswing with full support from the government and foreign money coming in. Job Mirror always aims to stay ahead of the curve and relevant to meet the sector’s workforce demand. We have a great team of skilled and experienced to make sure that leading companies find the absolutely right candidates for their job openings.

Because of the nature of the industry with direct link to international market, there is no denying that a company in this sector cannot do well without skilled and/or experienced employees. We at Job Mirror make sure that our job consultancy for oil & gas always meet the expectations of companies and candidates.