Manufacturing: it was the genius invention of the 'spinning jenny,’ better known as the spinning loom, that sparked the Industrial Revolution which made manufacturing the primary driver of economic activity in the West. While manufacturing jobs are largely leaving Western nations for a variety of reasons, they are coming to developing nations in droves, At Job Mirror; we capitalized on this by setting up a job consultancy unit for people seeking out manufacturing jobs!

We interview those manufacturing firms we want to work with extensively to make sure that they are quality firms people will like working at. We want to make sure that the candidates we place are happy with their jobs. The demographics of India is changing dramatically and is heavily skewed in favor of the young. This means good manufacturing firms will have a deep and talented pool to choose from in terms of a workforce because the youth in India is much better educated than previous generations were.

We understand that the workforce in India, though talented and educated, is underemployed! We work with these youth and provide them with ample material for them to read regarding the recruiting process, and the process involved in being an employee - both in terms of what is expected of them on the factory floor as a worker, and what they can expect in terms of job duties and working conditions from their employers. Our consultants counsel the job candidates to ensure that they completely understand the expectations the employer will have of them, the job responsibilities, and the job conditions they will face if hired.

At Job Mirror, we understand that working at a factory job is akin to working in the corporate world. The corporate world and factory life are not for everyone. We have set up a selective recruiting process for this reason because we want our placed candidates to excel on the factory floor! We personally screen resumes and do thorough background checks to ensure that the candidate’s actual work experience is correctly reflected by his or her resume. This process sets the candidates up for success because it ensures that they already have the background and mindset needed to excel in a factory situation. It is these processes which make us the leading job consultancy for manufacturing firm in our industry.

The factory floor has an exact and very demanding culture that is not easily taught or explainable in job preparation interviews. Only those candidates with prior manufacturing experience can understand and thrive in the factory culture. This is why we Job consultancy for manufacturing prefer our candidates to have some manufacturing experience. We find we have a high success rate in terms of coaching and mentoring these candidates to excel on the factory floor.

Manufacturing jobs are exacting, challenging, and at times, dangerous. They aren't for everyone for this reason. At Job Mirror, we recognize this and we place only those candidates who we know will succeed!