That’s right, we are Job Mirror, and we are the perfect job consultancy for logistics. Many people ask what logistics is and why it is important for businesses. Logistics concerns itself with the process of moving business resources (including people) from one area of a business to another, be it physical or virtual. It refers to the activities pertaining to this task which are confined to a particular company.

At first glance, moving business resources from different parts of a company may seem to be a simple, quick and easy task, but it is a very complex, difficult and involved process. At Job Mirror, we find that candidates with prior experience in logistics tend to excel in the positions and at the companies that they are placed in. We have designed our selection process to be detailed, extensive, and rigorous for this reason. We carefully prescreen all resumes submitted to us by candidates, and we have them submit a professional bio and an essay about logistics and their personal experiences in the field. We do this at Job Mirror because we want to ensure that our candidates already have a basic comprehension and a strong foundation in logistics - this ensures that we and they do not fail once hired!

Our selection process doesn’t end there. We extend the job consultancy for logistics hiring process by calling in those candidates who pass the pre-screening process in for an interview. We ask these candidates general interview questions, but we also ask them specific situational questions. The interview process is set up this way because we want to understand how the candidates would react in certain common but complex and unpredictable situations that arise in the logistics field. Their responses to the situational questions is an indication to us of their likelihood of success in a logistics position. If we determine that the candidate is likely to succeed in such a position and company, we then ask them a series of questions pertaining to the work culture commonly found in logistics companies. These questions help us understand the types of companies and work environments these candidates are likely to excel in..

The next step of the selection process is to match the candidates with companies they are most likely to succeed in. We coach them on the interview process and the types of questions the companies they are interviewing with will ask them. We also guide them through the offer and acceptance process to ensure that they choose a company where they will excel in.

People use our job placement services for logistics, and they refer us to people they know because they know that we set our candidates up to succeed!