We are the best in terms of job consultancy for IT

The IT sector is vast and it can be a challenge for even experienced and talented candidates to find a job in this sector. They sometimes need a firm to guide them through the complex maze of requirement, resumes, and interviews that looking for a job in this sector can pose. We are the answer because our seasoned consultants can help these candidates find their dream job in this amazing sector.

We have high placement rates in the IT sector because we are not just any job consultancy for IT firm. We hire those candidates that are a perfect match for the organization and for the position. This ensures that both the candidate and the company excel simultaneously. We are highly selective in the candidates we select because we want them to like their job and the company that they work for!

Our recruitment process

Before we begin selecting candidates for a particular job opening, we interview the employer to understand the true nature of the position in terms of technical and functional requirements, and the nature of the organization in terms of work culture and ethics. But it doesn’t end there. We have a rigorous process of screening candidates for a particular position by scouring our database to find only those candidates whose qualifications are a perfect match for the job.

Our selection criteria for candidates

Once we have selected our ideal candidates, we meet with them in person to better understand their personalities, social skills, and qualifications of the position. We ask them many general programming and project management questions to gauge their comprehension and understanding of IT from the technical and business processes. All candidates are also asked to work on a simple IT coding project. This allows us to better understand their true skills and talents in the IT field. The candidates are referred to various job openings based on their mastery of the IT coding project.

We verify the candidates’ educational institutions and former places of work to ensure that they are indeed the best candidates for the position. For the IT sector, we prefer candidates with good programming knowledge who have a strong background in programming, and in project management. Only those candidates with stellar work records, perfect workplace attendance, and stellar reviews from employers and clients are selected for the application and second interview process. Our selection process is designed in this way to ensure that our clients receive only the best talent available for their many IT projects.

Prepping the qualified candidates

Our job placement team works extensively and exclusively with qualified candidates to ensure that they will excel in the job interviews and be placed in their dream companies. We do this by conducting mock interviews to understand their interview style, the way in which they answer questions, and their real comprehension of IT concepts. We offer them help to improve their knowledge and skills in various areas.

We get results

Our extensive approach to researching employers and candidates for the best fit has been fruitful because we have enjoyed a 100% success rate in all of our placements with both employers and candidates being equally happy!