There is a saying, “All roads lead to Rome." This phrase referred to the relatively well-built roads that once connected all corners of the Roman Empire to each other and to Rome. these roads and aqueduct systems were part of Rome’s great infrastructure projects which helped facilitate the trade and wars that made Rome great. This requires infrastructure planning which is now coming to India. However, planning for infrastructure is not easy and requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. That is why we at Job Mirror pride ourselves for being the number one job consultancy for infrastructure in India

The government is investing billions in infrastructure in India, and they are inviting private contractors and firms to do the same. Because infrastructure is complex and its projects are involved and ongoing, a strong engineering background is necessary. When we look for ideal candidates for infrastructure based positions, we scour our database for individuals with strong experience and backgrounds in civil engineering. We also look for those individuals who are excellent team players and have strong interpersonal and intrapersonal skills because these traits are necessary in order to develop strong infrastructure that lasts.

Our interview process is rigorous. At Job Mirror, we begin the process by interviewing the firms we place our candidates to ensure that these firms are high-quality ones in which our candidates will excel as employees. Our interview process does not end there. We subject our candidates to extensive behavioral interviews, and interviews which determine basic technical knowledge. This process helps us determine which firms to place the candidates in. We also have our candidates take engineering infrastructure tests to determine their level of engineering infrastructure knowledge. Because of the nature of infrastructure, we invite only those candidates scoring highly on the tests in for further interviews.

We conduct interviews where we ask general interview questions and questions regarding situations that may arise in infrastructure planning projects. This process helps us prepare the candidates for the general interviews they will face at the companies they are being placed in, and it also helps us understand the likelihood of the candidate to excel in the firm. Only those candidates performing well in both interviews are invited for general interviews at infrastructure firms. We also offer extensive coaching and remedial course review courses to help prepare our candidates for the interview processes, and for work in an infrastructure firm. These courses also help prepare weaker candidates to excel in infrastructure companies. This makes us the leading job consultancy for infrastructure firm in the industry.

Because of its nature, infrastructure projects are demanding and continuous. We realize this at Job Mirror and we are also aware of the fact that few consultancy firms in the infrastructure industry exist. We offer our extensive services to offer infrastructure firms the best in terms of talent and quality because we realize that 'investing in infrastructure is investing in the future!"