India is a developing country. Two third of the entire population is below 30 years of age. This can be a huge potential if all of them are well educated. There has been a strong focus on education in India. This includes primary education and higher education. Despite the fact there is huge demand in education sector, yet the supply side is still not able to meet the demand. Number of teachers in India is quite less as per estimates. There is huge infrastructure gap as well. Quality of education is still not delivered as per the standards. We at Job Mirror work relentlessly to meet the rising workforce demand in education sector providing quality people who can bring a change in the sector and society. Our job consultancy for education is doing necessary work for candidates and industry both.

India is also a country where number of people speaking English is quite high despite English being a foreign language. This is a big advantage for several industries where English language is a major criterion for hiring for different positions or roles. So, the education sector in India on a verge of boom needing lot of man power has good prospects going forward because of rapid improvements in education system in India. Government allows 100% FDI automatic route in education sector in India. This is big advantage for the sector. This is making India a huge market and opportunity for investors from all over the world. As they keep making big investments here, demand for jobs in sector will also increase. To tap this opportunity for our talents, we work to create big data pool of talented young and experienced people who can be best people working in the industry for the demand and challenges present there.

Our job consultancy for education is to identify the opportunity for potential candidates and meet them with the best job positions available. Our relation with industry has been very good and we continuously research about the changing dynamics of the sector from close quarters. Gone are the days when education was not important for many families in India and higher education was considered luxury. Scenario has changed completely. Primary education is being taken by every family for each child. Higher education has become quite a norm now.

Education sector has become lucrative as well because teachers, professors and other job holders in the sector are being paid at par. However, the sector is still full of challenges and that is why our job is to keep digging deep and doing the best when it comes to talent supply.

At Job Mirror, we have always understood that, human resource is a major contributor to education sector. With Indian economy growing, there is increase in number of schools, colleges and universities in the country which require huge number of workforce who are talented, skilled and experienced in an environment that will keep changing every year. We have an in-depth understanding of the education sector and this gives an edge to Job Mirror when it comes to delivering best results for organizations and potential candidates across the education sector.