India is the fastest growing economy in terms of GDP at the moment. And construction sector has been one of the major contributors to the growth of Indian economy. There has been huge impetus on building roads, ports, bridges, high rise buildings, industry parks, SEZs, warehouses, cold storages, tunnels, rail projects and so on from the Government side. Private investment is also gaining momentum in fast few quarters after a slow down. PPP model is being applied for many big projects in the country. This has led to many new jobs requirements in the industry. Understanding this fact fully well at Job Mirror, we are helping industry and potential candidates with our job consultancy for construction expertise.

No doubt that the construction sector has grown rapidly in last decade or so. Also the construction methods in recent times have changes. It has become more organized with introduction of newer technologies and machinery. There has been huge shift in building material being used as well, as many new building materials have been introduced for interior and exterior applications. The sector has been more organized now as well because of policies from the Government. So, the sector is growing fast, it is quite dynamic and it has vast applications. This means thousands of people are required at various levels both in Government projects and private projects. Our job and expertise has been to let the best talent meet the best opportunity and vice versa.

At Job Mirror, we also understand the changing dynamics of the sector. We focus on talent and experience who can meet the changing requirements of the industry. Our team is continuously working on research and talent pool management in the country. This is why our job consultancy for construction/ building material and for other sectors is appreciated by industry and candidates.

India is estimated to be the world’s 3rd largest construction and building market by 2025. Housing demand is so high that it is estimated that over 11 million homes will be added a year to become a $1 trillion-per-year market. Demand will not be limited to big cities only. It will touch the remotest part of the country. We are ready to meet the demand as Job Mirror is among top construction consultancy service providers in India. We help clients achieve dynamic and sustainable impact in their performance by helping them get the best available talent with our consultancy and recruitment services.

Be it real estate industry, cement industry, building equipment industry, infrastructure industry and so on, demand is huge. So, our role as provider of job consultancy for construction recruitment consultants has become very significant and relevant. There are hundreds of construction projects going on in different parts of the country. As a recruitment agency our role has become vital in supplying the required manpower for construction industries.

At Job Mirror, we constantly provide best construction workers for working in construction projects. We provide the most talented and skilled people to meet job requirements at all levels in all kinds of construction projects. We give companies the best construction staffing at Job Mirror.

Job Mirror provides you with the most dependable, talented and knows their job in-depth employees to meet all your client needs.