In the year 2017, Indian Auto industry became the 4th largest in the world and it was 7th largest commercial vehicle manufacturer also in the same year. This simply means Automobile market is fast becoming one of the sectors that will require a huge number of people working for it. Especially with Indian government drive for ‘Make in India’, the focus is to bring foreign companies to manufacture in India. Result is showing already.

The customer requirements are being met with greater efficiency and customization by Automobile manufacturers. Already India has become a place where all the major Global players in the Automobile and auto-components industry are setting up manufacturing plants to cater to the domestic and global demand. This translates into higher demand for employees in the sector. Understanding this fact at Job Mirror, we have placed job consultancy for Automotive unit for those seeking job in this sector.

Automobile industry has highly competitive environment and this is why there is a strong demand for people who can successfully take companies ahead through challenging times. India is a country which has the most number of youth in the world and millions of them possess both talent and skill. This is why India has become the hotbed of talent for the Automobile industry.

Two wheeler segments dominate Indian market because of growing number of middle class and young population of the country. Also with income on rise there is surge in demand of four wheelers as well. Commercial vehicles like auto, trucks, buses etc. manufacturing size is also increasing. There are major auto companies in India selling their products in India and exporting as well. We at Job Mirror tap this opportunity by offering best job consultancy for Automotive industry. We examine the companies well before we start searching for talents. Our focus is on ensuring that potential employees get to work in an environment and position they enjoy and at the same time companies also get the best talent from the lot.

Job Mirror selection process is structured and systematic. We follow proactive, detailed and target oriented selection process. The selection process stars with understanding the clients, their needs, selecting candidates with matching academic records and background, and it continues post recruitment where we follow-up with both clients and candidates. We aim to place right candidates with right companies and we also coach candidates for the interviews.

This is why we have been able to touch several candidates’ lives leading them to success in their career and life.